Our Firm

Faust, Fulker, & Schlemmer is the latest iteration of a law practice originating over 100 years ago.

Charles Franklin Faust entered into the practice of law in the State of Ohio in June of 1904.

C.F. Faust, as he was known, was a school teacher by profession who started to “read” the law after he brought his family to Troy in 1902. C.F. Faust served as Troy’s City Solicitor from 1917-1927 and held the same position in both Covington and West Milton.

In 1926, Leo H. Faust, C.F. Faust’s son, joined his father’s practice, then known as Faust & Faust.

In December 1929, Faust & Faust relocated to the present location at 12 S. Cherry Street., Troy, Ohio.

In 1935, Samuel S. Faust, Leo’s brother, joined the newly renamed Faust, Faust & Faust and subsequently ran the firm’s West Milton office. Sam was later drafted in 1943 and bravely served our country in the Second World War.

In 1947, Samuel S. Faust left Faust, Faust & Faust and was appointed (later being re-elected) Probate Judge of Miami County by Governor Thomas J. Herbert.

In 1950, C.F. Faust passed away.

In 1952, William M. Harrelson joined Leo H. Faust in the newly named Faust & Harrelson.  Bill Harrelson served as Troy’s City Solicitor from 1948-1952.

In 1965, William Thornburgh joined Faust, Harrelson & Thornburgh as a Partner; he later left the practice in 1971.

In 1971, John E. Fulker joined the firm and Robert A. McCarthy, an associate with Faust & Harrelson, became a Partner in the now renamed Faust, Harrelson, Fulker & McCarthy.

In 1979, J. Andrew Fulker, son of John E. Fulker, joined the firm as an Associate Attorney.

In 1982, Robert M. Harrelson, son of William M. Harrelson, and William J. Fulker, J. Andrew’s brother and son of John E. Fulker, joined the firm as Associate Attorneys.

In 1985, William M. Harrelson passed away and in 1989, J. Andrew Fulker is killed in a tragic automobile accident.

In 1991, Robert N. Schlemmer joined as a Partner in the currently named Faust, Harrelson, Fulker, McCarthy & Schlemmer.

In 1996, Leo H. Faust passed away and Richard J. Fraas joined the firm as an attorney “of counsel.”

In 2007, Joesph W. Fulker, son of William J. Fulker and grandson of John E. Fulker, joined the firm as an Associate Attorney.

In 2011, William M. Harrelson II, son of Robert M. Harrelson and grandson of William M. Harrelson, joined the firm as an Associate Attorney.